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August 21, 2009
ever you angry with your PC slow,its true not needed upgrade your pc. just Fix your slow computer.here i have 6 way for fix it.
In the current financial climate we all want to save some money where we can. We don’t want to be spending our hard earned cash during this recession… just in case.
But – you need a new computer? Can't survive without your regular internet session or your facebook time? Lets get your current one running properly again and save some hard earned cash.
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fisrt!Empty temp directory.
Don’t let your temporary directory fill with hundreds or even thousands of temporary files. When windows starts and when programs load these will be scanned and can then slow down your computer.
SO – you should empty this directory regularly to keep your performance optimal and to speed up your pc.You can find this under C:/ documents and settings, Administrator, Local Settings, Temp.

Empty your temporary internet files.
Go to your control panel and double click the internet options icon. Delete the cookies and delete temporary internet files. This will clear these from your system and will free up some space on your computer and will improve performance somewhat.
Check if your hard disk and registry has any problems.

For computers that operate on Windows XP or 2000 OS you can check your system for minor hard disk errors and repair them.
How do you do this? Right click the c drive and click properties then tools. Choose to check the computer for problems by clicking ‘check now’. You can then complete a file check or a physical disk check by selecting either of the two check boxes. This may take a while but is worth completing every now and then.
To take this one step further you can use a computer registry cleaner to analyse your Windows Registry and further improve the performance of your computer.
RegCure is one of the top rated Registry Cleaners available in the market. One of the best ways to improve the speed of your computer is to clean your computer registry with an effective registry cleaner. There is a low cost involved with this, however you can run a free trial first to see if there are errors with your registry that require repair. Visit www.fixaslowcomputer.com for your free scan.

Make sure your active desktop is not turned on.
Turning on your active desktop basically turns your computer desktop into a web page. While there are some benefits to this like up to the minute weather reports, this can have a profound effect on the speed of your computer. Turn this off and you will help to fix a PC slow.
So how can you do this?
Windows 95,98 and Me: Right click the desktop and choose Active Desktop. Uncheck Active Desktop.Windows 2000: Right click the desktop and choose Active Desktop. Uncheck show Web Content. Windows XP: Right Click desktop and choose properties. Under desktop tab choose customize desktop. On the web tab make sure there are no websites chosen. If there are not then active desktop is not on.

nstall a quality anti virus program.
Unfortunately, whenever you use your computer to access the internet you are at risk from computer Viruses. If you computer becomes infected it will significantly slow your computer, not to mention making it vulnerable to crashing, corruption of data and ultimate failure. You need to ensure that your computer is protected from viruses. Visit www.strowan.com for our anti virus reviews for details on the most popular anti virus products on the market today. Each of these will give you a free scan to see if your computer is infected.

Check your system for spyware and remove.
Spyware programs have the ability to view and track your internet browsing habits and even steal personal information such as your credit card details, bank accounts or passwords. Not only this but they can slow your computer down a he amount. There are a range of Anti-Spyware products available on the internet. Anti-Spyware software is designed to remove any spyware, malware or adware from your computer quickly and easily and to protect your computer from ongoing threats. Visit http://www.pcslow.net/

okey, its just some way from me for you all ti fix PC slow.


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