Uniblue SpeedMyPC 2009 v.

May 26, 2009

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 4.0 is a very good program. It is a program which does some windows system maintenance like cleaning / deleting unnecessary files. It can also be used as a tool to monitor your network usage.
It has a "memory" page, where you can monitor the RAM / memory usage.
It can be used to optimize RAM, or clear some memory usage and dump it in the virtual memory. Now, it is not really a good idea of changing the memory usage of RAM / Virtual RAM. It slows down the whole of windows severely, if the memory usage is large. It is only useful, for it can free some unused memory (memory reserved for programs that are not running now, probably caused by unorthodox programming, etc), It is better to spend more money for additional memory for your computer.

The "Disk" page shows real-time usage of Disk Write and Disk Read in a graph, just like memory usage.

The "startup" page lists all the startup programs which you may edit as you like for a speedy startup. This program is not for a novice user! It doesn't show any remark for the startup program, whether it will slow down your system or not. One facility to test that by benchmarking would have been a great feature, but this one lacks it.

I like this program because I need to look my internet usage, as my broadband can draw some unnecessary cash if you don't monitor its usage at non free hours. "Internet" page shows your real-time network usage graph. It can only show traffic separately only if you have separate network hardware. Also, it cannot save any of that information. All info is lost at the restart of network or computer. Also, network data flow cannot be differentiated to that of internet usage (through a broadband for example)! It is also something that they should have implemented in it.
It can set settings to speedup internet, when you specify "2Mbps?, 512Kbps", etc in this page. It is a simple windows registry tweak!

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